I provide consulting services from time to time, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the interests of my employer or create a potential legal issue. I only work with a few select clients who are a great fit, and together we achieve great results.

Here are some of the ways I can be of assistance…

Due Diligence Investigations

I provide technical evaluations for investors or organizations interested in acquiring game studios or technology teams. This is a fairly involved process which typically requires a series of team interviews along with numerous meetings to review processes and any proprietary technologies. An investigation usually takes a week or more, plus travel time.

Startup and Board Advisor

I am available for short-term and long-term startup and corporate advisory opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Long-term compensation can be on an equity basis.

I am also open to non-profit volunteer roles for interesting organizations that are trying to make an impact.

Change Agency

Organizations can enlist my help wherever they are having trouble bridging technology (team, tools, systems) with their business needs. This is often in the form of basic management training, coaching the managers and recruiters to find right people for the right roles, advice on how to improve team culture, or even to just offer the right nudge here or there that will improve alignment between technology, marketing, and business goals. I have a lot of experience working with teams in trouble so I am happy to help coach or mentor other leaders in these situations.

For longer-term issues like building a new engineering team, or rebuilding an existing team, I always recommend hiring a full-time technical leader (or replacing an existing one) to take on this responsibility. Hiring quality software engineers can be a multi-month process… especially in groups, and longer in areas where engineers are in high demand (like the SF Bay area.) Bringing in a consultant can help accelerate the process, but proper team building is a marathon, not a sprint.


Please note that I don’t take on many consulting projects (particularly long-term projects or those that require travel) since I am usually too busy at my regular job. I also have an infant and exhausted mother at home to support, so I’m not in a position to do much traveling in the near term.

In any case, feel free to contact me via the links at the bottom of the page with info about your project or problem and we can discuss how I may be able to help. If I am not the right person I will be happy to refer you to someone else if possible.